Window Lettering & Dimensional PVC Sign

Star at PJ & S Urban League Bookz commissioned Syracuse Signs to letter the windows of his new bookstore on Main Street in Asbury Park. We choose a cityscape theme for both the main sign and the windows.

PJ & S Urban League Bookz
The large sign is constructed with vinyl on pvc, routed and layered for added depth. This is an economical solution for those who want the look of a painted dimensional sign at a fraction of the cost.


Custom Chalkboard Menu


We recently finished a large chalkboard menu for Neptune Pizza & Subs. They liked the look of hand-written menus, but were concerned about the durability of chalk paint. We suggested using a painted chalkboard panel with vinyl lettering, and only using chalk paint for the prices (so easy to update!) We salvaged the hand-painted cutouts from an old menu, and were able to incorporate them in the new design.

This was a very fun project, we are itching to make more!


Vinyl Decals for an FRC Robot


vinyl decal lettering 

Syracuse Signs had the pleasure of lettering a ROBOT!! Who doesn’t love robots?!? FRC Team 3314 –  Mechanical Mustangs, sponsored by Montclair Society of  Engineers, Hoban Construction,  and Clifton High School is competing for the first time at the Rutgers University FIRST Robotics District Competition.  We fancied up their bot with vinyl decals and provided the team with a banner.  Good luck this weekend!